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Slowly recovering from depression

This is my first post in my brand-spanking new blog. KAIXO!! So obviously, you don’t know that, aside from having kids, being from the Basque Country but living in Boise, I am also the biggest gadget freak you’ll ever meet.

Until recently I owned my MacBook, my Razr, my iPaq, and bunch of iPods. But at the beginning of September I traded it all (well, not my laptop) for a sweet, sleek, new, amazing iPhone. I was on top of the world. I would have had a hard time deciding what to take to a desert island if I had to choose between my kids and my iPhone (just kidding!, what kind of amatxu do you think I am?).

But you know, the choice would be really easy now that my iPhone took a bath along with my kids in the tub and does not work anymore (%^$@*!!!). Thus the title of my post. But it wasn’t enough that it slid off my jacket pocket while I helped Maitane out of the tub and spent the next two days in a bag of rice under a lamp and then miraculously started working again on Saturday. NO.

After having me back in iPhone bliss again for about 18 hours, the darn thing re-died on me, I am sure for the last time. I fell a little bit like the pie maker in Pushing Daisies ; one touch revives, the next one means dead forever. So now it’s all up to the mac geniuses at the Apple store: will they replace my iPhone or will they call my bluff? I will keep you updated.

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