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Okey, call me a moron…

So I guess it was time I gave you an update on my iPhone troubles. Last time I left you wondering whether I would have to fork out the $400 for a new iPhone or whether Mike could work his magic with the Mac Genius. And well, he did (although he didn’t have to try that hard, the Genius pretty much handed him a new iPhone without making any fuss). I was so grateful when Mike called me… Even though he was quite pissed with me because the trip to the Apple store made him late for his meeting and there was a big-ass storm and blah blah blah… But ever since I have told him I love him at least once a day. Now comes the sad part (AGAIN!!)

About two weeks after I got my replacement iPhone (TWO WEEKS!!), I go to the gym to take one of my favorite strength training classes. I usually take my bag with clean clothes because I shower there, but not this time, for some reason I decided to just wear my coat, put my phone in its pocket, and leave the coat by me on the ground while I exercise. Weeeell, when the class is over and I put on my jacket and take my two-week old brand new iPhone out… OH CRAP! The screen is all cracked!!! I must had accidentally dropped a weight on my jacket!! So I briefly thought about never going back to the gym again, but then I just opted for a quick trip to the AT&T store, all pissed and sweaty, and got myself a new iPhone (this time paying, of course). These people don’t have anything on me!!

So I guess the universe got even, I had to pay one way or the other. Now I keep the stupid thing under wraps and, by the way, I am still waiting for that case I ordered on the 11th of December. That company is pissing me off, although that’s another story…

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7 thoughts on “Okey, call me a moron…

  1. Pedro Mari

    Kaixo Look Amaia my daughter has just come to Wyoming to perform Torrington Rotary exchange student. I hope that some time can find Boise and Reno to contact Basques alli

  2. Pedro Maria

    Kaixo Henar ¡¡¡ Amaia ya esta en Torrington y por 4 dias va a un encuentro de estudiantes de varios paises a Grand Targhee en la zona Grand Teton ¡¡¡
    Creo que hay euskaletxeak en Bufalo y otras 2 ciudades de Wyoming . Ojala Amaia le toque ir por Boise o Reno¡¡¡
    Se encuentra muy bien , con la nueva experiencia ¡¡¡ Tiene 18 años , si me mandas la direccion te dsoy mas detalles¡¡ La mia es ladulce007@hotmail.com Agur

  3. Pedro Maria

    Henar ¡¡ lo que son las casualidades ¡¡ la profesora de español del colegio donde va a asisitir Amaia es vasca ¡¡¡¡¡
    Las coincidencias de la vida , no ???
    Es en el High School Torrington ¡¡

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