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Kuxkuxeo Taldea, come join us!

Kuxkuxeo Taldea members

Kuxkuxeo Taldea members

Our Kuxkuxeo Taldea takes place every Sunday at Papa Joe’s café, in Boise. We usually meet at six or seven in the evening, depending on what’s going on with our members. “Kuxkuxeo” means ‘gossip’ in Basque and our goal is to have a chance to speak and practice Basque once a week, whether you are fluent or a beginner. It is also a great way to strengthen existing friendships and make new ones. Regular “Kuxkuxeo” members are Beñat Garaio, Oihana Andion (well, before she left anyway, we miss you!), Izaskun Kortazar, Megan Otteman, Itxaso Cayero, Geneva Ayarra, Kattalin Berriotxoa, and me.

It is always such a good time… Why don’t you come join us?

Thanks for passing by: ↓

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