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Boiseko Txuri Urdinak

Boiseko Txuri Urdinak

I was on my way to bed, but then I thought what the hell, I am not going to fall asleep until midnight anyway, so I might as well write about something I’ve been thinking about since this morning. It is not going to be easy, first because I’m an Athletic fan since I can remember, and second (and way worse) because I will have to hear from Joe Lasuen in the morning. I’m pretty sure though that praising Real Sociedad (well, its soccer fans, I should say, let’s not get carried away) is way better than hating on the Valdals, so I should be good. On the other hand, Jesus Alcelay will like me even more after reading this, so one for one, I guess.

The thing is, Real Sociedad followers in Boise have one up on Athletic fans, even though most Basques here come from Bizkaia or have Bizkaian roots. These fans went ahead and formed the first Real Sociedad soccer fun club in the US, called Boiseko Txuri Urdinak. I don’t remember if I learned about the Peña by reading this article online, or because I saw their Facebook page popping up on the right hand side of my profile. However, I was not surprised to learn that Jesus was behind the initiative. He’s driven and passionate about his team. I mean, he’d make an awesome Athletic fan (hehehe). The group has started the process to become an official “peña” for Real Sociedad. I look forward to their announcement when they succeed.

(Uff… I’m sweating here, give me a sec, this really is hard. I don’t think I’ve ever said these many nice things about Real Sociedad).

I think what Real Sociedad followers have accomplised is great, and I hope the Boise Athletic de Bilbao soccer fan club is not far behind. Unfortunately, we won’t have the honor to call ourselves the first Athletic “peña” in the US, as there is already Peña Athletic Club Miami, in Florida. And that’s ok. But we will ALWAYS hear about being the second soccer fun club in Boise. I can guarantee you that my Real Sociedad friends will never let it go.

Then again, when you really think about it,  isn’t it awesome that we can bicker about our rivalry in Boise the same as we would in the Basque Country? Once again, Boise Basques are so lucky. In addition to the Ikastola, Basque dancing, and our own Basque music group, we get to enjoy the never-ending Athletic-Real Sociedad rivalry. Like I said, just as in the old Country.

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