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Vanity license plates – A thought

So I am having a drink with my friend and we get to talk about the vanity license plates post from a while ago, where among other things, I make fun of this guy who spends the extra money to get a “MYTRUCK” license plate for his truck, which I think is redundant and stupid. But my friend doesn’t quite agree. He is like, “What if the guy just went through a nasty divorce and got stripped off everything he owned, except for that truck? What if that truck is the only thing he can call his own? Maybe it’s his way of making a statement, to affirm himself.”

Great. Thanks. Way to make me feel judgmental and mean.

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5 thoughts on “Vanity license plates – A thought

  1. Diana

    Even so, I agree with you: The plate totally sucks! He (the alleged newly-divorced, with the big-ass truck) should be happier for his freedom than for his material, gas-guzzling, stupid truck. Just a friendly thought.

  2. Carol Covin

    Just when you think you have things all figured out, friends go and tell you different.

    I like the plates that start a conversation:

    RU LATE2

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