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Murphy’s Law

I hear you!

I hear you!

You know when you’ve been looking for work and nothing pans out for months, then suddenly you have to choose between three different offers?

Or when you can’t get a date for the life of you, and once you give up and decide to take another path your text messaging goes crazy with several suitable prospects?

What about when you’ve tried everything possible, but in the end let your mom carry those babies for you, then find yourself pregnant the following year?

Alternatively, haven’t you ever waited and waited and waited, then finally cracked down and bought the stupid $10 pregnancy test just find out the next day your wasted your money?

And that time not so long ago when your two-day search for that black Sharpie you needed to keep filing your stuff ended up in a trip to the Fred Meyer where you bought a packet of five? How happy were you when you went to put away the four remaining Sharpies and found the one you were originally looking for, laughing shamelessly at you?

Murphy’s Law sucks.

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2 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law

  1. Diana

    I told you about the Sharpies. And about other stuff as well. Just because everything you mentioned has happened to me too.

  2. Henar Chico

    I know! That’s why I wrote this. You told me yesterday what was going to happen today!

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