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What distance

Its_a_Small_WorldI get up at 7 am. Immediately I get a text from Diana (Argentinean living in Boise) telling me to go on Facebook to read my sister’s good news. I spend a little time chatting with Rakel (in Ortuella), Victoria (in Idaho Falls), and Laura (another Argentinean in Boise).

I also chat for a bit with Leonat (in Uruguay), who I met in Argentina.

I go to the gym. I come home, make a salad, and head to a going away party.

On my way to the party I call my sister, who is now shopping in Bilbao with my mom. They remind me it is Father’s Day (here we celebrate it in June), so I call my dad at home and avoid looking like a bad daughter.

The party is for my friend Jabi, who just found work in Gasteiz and is moving back to the Basque Country from Chicago. My other friend Iñigo is also there. Jabi is from Baracaldo and Iñigo from Trapagaran, but lives in Moscow, Idaho. We all went to the same high school in Portugalete (Asti-Leku) for three years but ended up meeting in Boise in 2000. (I still get a kick out of that.)

While at lunch, I get a call from Dunya (in Germany), who I met in Algorta when I was 21. She moved back to Germany 3 years ago after living in Boise for 11. Then Unaitxo (in Plentzia) calls on Skype, so we turn on the cameras on our iPhones and video-chat for a few minutes.

I end up at the Basque Center around six for the Mus Dinner, where I have a great time telling stories and laughing with my Boise Basque friends.

There are no distances anymore. Now, if we could just get rid of the time difference.

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