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Boiseko Gazteak Spring Show 2011



I believe this was the 6th or 8th Basque dancing show where my kids have participated. You’d think I’d have this getting ready for it down to a “t”, but I swear, things simply disappear from my house. It’s 15 minutes before I start dressing the kids when I realize I’m missing Andoni’s red txapela, his gerrikoa, and his white shirt is also MIA. Basically, he had pants and shoes. Thank God for Nere Lete and the Fred Meyer down the road! I still managed to forget his red scarf (as you can clearly see).

We did arrive to the Borah High School auditorium with time to spare, though. I left the kids “behind the scenes” and took my place in the audience, ready to enjoy the dances and songs by the Nagusiak, Txulitoak, Azkarrak, and Txikitxuak. It doesn’t matter how many times I see them dance, I have to hold back the tears. What? It moves me to see Txantxangorriak playing traditional music, and all these little kids performing Basque dances in Boise; neither of which I learned while living in the Basque Country.

The show lasted about an hour and a half, and then I took the kids to Red Robin for lunch. I could stay here and try to describe it to you, but this is definitely one of those times where an image is worth a thousand words. I leave you with a bunch of pictures and videos for your enjoyment (check back again tomorrow, there will be some more). I hope you feel – at least a little bit – part of our community in Boise.

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