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Fast Wedding Day



Like getting married is not a misfortune in itself, now you can make it even worse by celebrating your wedding at the McDonald’s down the road – well, at least if you live in Hong Kong. My friend Diana (I know!) pointed me to the article this morning and I almost crashed my Saab when I started reading it (luckily I’ve already totaled two of them, so I know exactly how I should deal with the insurance company). I had to google “McDonald’s weddings” to make sure she wasn’t pulling my leg, but when I found the news on CNN as well, I had no choice but to believe my eyes.

The thing is, I thought we’d reached the lowest point with the drive-through Vegas weddings. I saw them with my own eyes while Mike and I waited patiently in line for our turn to get married in that very chapel from the picture. I was like, jeez, people, you’re in Las Vegas, open 24-7, remember? That Black Jack table is still going to be there whether you take 5 minutes or one hour to get married.

I didn’t have much of a chance to think about the article once I got to the office, but I read it again while I worked my butt off (hopefully literally) on the elliptical, and then a bit more on the way home from my pala game (Delfina and I won’t be hugging that trophy this season, but we’ll have more than a couple of laughs during our games. Or at least the public will). And the more I thought about it, the more appealing this whole fast-wedding business started to look.

For starters, good food (fine, food), affordable prices. Can’t argue with that, you know how outrageously expensive the restaurant bill can be. You could even choose to do Happy Meals all around and be done with the party favors, which would be included with your Chicken Nuggets, for the same low price. Additionally, your guests would be able to pass their babysitting savings on to you. The little Chinese boys – all the Chinese girls are now living in the Basque Country – would have an awesome time yelling and running around the indoor playground. At last, I can imagine myself finally answering that long and expectantly awaited question:

“Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
“Can I supersize that??”

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