A Basque in Boise

Baker. A great job.

By Amaya Oxarango-Ingram

By Amaya Oxarango-Ingram

I just got back from Sagardotegi night. Fun times at the Basque Center. it’s 1 am now, I got up at 5:30 to work on a translation, and then I ran around with my kids all day. I’m spent. But while I wait for tonight’s pictures to transfer to iPhoto, I think about what my friend Dora said before dinner started. The guy she likes lives abroad and he asked her what she’d do if she moved. She told him she has a great job, but she’d quit in a heartbeat, move, sell bread and be happy because she’d be with him.

I was I baker once. I hope she gets the job and stays a baker forever.

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