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Fry warmer

I want this too!

I get on the plane and, as much as I hate myself for doing it, I reach inside the pocket in front of me, take out a copy of SkyMall, and  start reading. I know I shouldn’t as I am totally content with my current possessions and I don’t have the money to purchase all the things I know I will need once I am done browsing the magazine.

Right of the bat I come across the “Inventors Showcase”. Wow. I can’t believe I’ve been reading my email “in the open” all these years! All those times I wished I could watch compromising movies on the plane but was ashamed to be caught, when all I needed was $55.99 for piece of mind.

And what about the “Portable Laptop Table”? If I’d only gone ahead and spent the $99.95 when I had the chance, I could still be comfortably snuggled inside my bed writing this post, instead of out here, on my parent’s living room couch.

But hands down, my fave is the “Wrist Cell Phone Carrier”. Seriously. How did I EVER manage to keep my phone safe without owning this thing? I am so happy I decided to come visit my family. Who knows how much longer I’d have had to go without my iPhone securely fastened to my wrist? I just told you I don’t get to fly that often!

Anyway, I’d love to stay and chat, but I got gadgets to buy, orders to place.

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One thought on “Basics

  1. Diana

    What? Doesn’t EVERYBODY have the McFries holder in their car? It’s actually a staple in my home. I have it in every bedroom. Can’t live without my McFries holder and my $79.95 boiled egg cracker.

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