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Korrika is coming to Boise

Korrika 2011

Korrika 2011

Kaixo = Hi!
Ongi etorri Korrikara! = Welcome to the Basque walk/run.

Are you ready for the Basque walk/run?

Mark your calendar for April 30th and  come down to the Basque Center at 10 am to take part in the Basque walk/run, Korrika. This run takes place once every two years in the Basque Country to raise awareness for the Basque language and money for Basque language students to go to to the Basque Country and learn.

This is the first time the run is celebrated in Boise. Bring five friends to make it a successful event, and come dressed in white, green, red or a combination of the three. The walkers/runners will pay $10 to participate. Kids under 14 can walk/run for free. Please come in at 9:30 am to the Basque Center to sing up and pay before the run starts. Sam Snodgrass will take pictures and video of the Boise Korrika to send to the Basque Country.

If you cannot participate by walking or running you can still be part of the Korrika by helping to set up the tables. Watch for the Evite requesting volunteers for the Korrika. You can also donate money (we will let you know very soon where you can send the check.)

After the 2-mile walk/run, around 11 am, once all the walkers/runners are back from the greenbelt, we will all gather at the Basque Center to eat some talos made by Jesus Alcelay and to enjoy a potluck. Please bring food to share. (Note that alcohol is not allowed). Water will be provided to the walker/runners at the greenbelt.

After the potluck, the chatting and socializing, we will sing Basque songs. Books with the lyrics will be provided. (Please return them at the end so we can use them again in future Basque dinners and events.) You can always lip sing too.

See you at Korrika!

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