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Sometimes I wonder how the hell we can be so different. Fine, it might be easier for a mom to be different from her daughters because 1) she is the mom, and 2) she grew up in a different time. But as sisters, it’s weird how looking so much alike on the outside we can sometimes be total opposites on the inside.

But then, I start looking at pictures – recent ones or from long time ago, and I see smiles and happy faces. I realize we will never stop arguing and telling each other how we feel. We will share our points of view no matter what, with more or less enthusiasm, depending on the occasion and mood, and we will always end up agreeing to disagree.

And I’m cool with that.

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2 thoughts on “Us

  1. Diana

    It’s a beautiful picture of the three of you. It shows you as different and as similar as you are. A happy family. You are so lucky, Henar!

  2. Dunya

    Diana is right. The picture is great and reflects a lot on how the three of you are so close to each other. Discussions are part of every healthy relationship. Sometimes the packaging is important :-)).

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