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I was driving to work this morning listening to KBOI, and I heard that some guy went into the Jackson’s Food Store in Wilder about 2 AM this morning and robbed it. He told the cashier to lay down on the floor and stay there while he took the money out of the cash register. According to the news report, “The Jacksons security cameras captured images of the robbery, and a camera from an adjacent business recorded the suspect as he fled the area.”

So my question is, if they got pictures and video of the guy WHILE he’s committing the crime, how come he is still “the suspect”?

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3 thoughts on “Suspect?

  1. baska

    Because in this country everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty… Even if they have photos of the guy with a shotgun in his hand blowing off the brains of some lovely old lady, he’s still a “suspect” or “alleged perpetrator” or some such nonsense…

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