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Just say ‘Thank you’ and take it!

A compliment, I mean. I did attend a training class on how to take one graciously in my previous job, but apparently I need a refresment course because I got a scolded big time today by my friend, who told me in no uncertain terms I need to learn how to shut up and take it.

I don’t think I am alone on this, so I went ahead, saved you all the effort, and did some research (aka, typing “how to take a compliment” on google) to came up with some easy-to-follow tips for the next time someone tells you about your awesome teeth. Hell, I even found a video for you lazy people that won’t take the 2 minutes needed to read this post!

There are a number of other useful tips you can follow as well:

  • Don’t change the topic without acknowledging the compliment. If they took the time to compliment you, it was definitely genuine, and should be handled as such.
  • Remember that you are just as entitled to receive compliments as everyone else. Don’t try to shy away from them.
  • Just say “Thank you”. It’s not hard, and it’ll close the subject quickly and gracefully.
  • It’s often good to use the compliment to further conversation. “Thanks! I found it in New Look – it’s amazing what you can get there.” That way you’ve accepted the compliment and moved on to something about which you can both talk.
  • Smile.

If you need some further insight into this compliment-accepting business, check out the complete article on wikihow.com, or just type in “how to take a compliment” on YouTube. You’ll be a pro before you know it!


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