A Basque in Boise

The bright side

Damn, she sliced her pinky with the cuticle cutter! After years of using it you think she’d be an expert. She sighs. Another annoying little thing to add to this week’s list of sucky stuff.

  1. Wednesday’s last call caught her without a Mac or the slightest clue about fixing the issue. Plus the guy was kind of a jerk.
  2. She played horrible on both her pala games. Not only that, her pala broke.
  3. She gets home to a letter from the DMV that the Basque license plate program is being discontinued.
  4. She wants her Gatibu CD back, but she’s having a hard time figuring out how to ask for it without sounding bitchy or like she took the ring back out.
  5. Lee telling her where she draws the line. Lee doesn’t suck at drawing. But she does.
  6. No emails on the weekend.
  7. Stressing out about the end of the world.

Needless to say, she was elated to see it didn’t end, and that all the people she loves are still alive. She didn’t do anything outrageous in case the world didn’t blow up — to avoid waking up on Sunday all screwed up and broke — but she had a great day nonetheless: she worked a bit in the morning, exercised at the gym, watched her kids’ soccer games, and visited with three girlfriends.

(She did suntan like there was no tomorrow, though.)

That’s what I said

And as she’s hitting that wall which tells her it’s time for bed, she smiles. Everything is going to  be just fine.

  1. Her job is brand-new and a learning process. Besides, she got a Mac. Sure it needs a bit of TLC, but who doesn’t.
  2. It’s not like she plays in a professional pala league. And the Basque Museum sells palas.
  3. She’ll lose the sheep wagon but will gain two letter spaces. She’ll finally be able to spell “GATIBU”.
  4. She’s got the CD recorded on her iPhone.
  5. Ummm.. Yeah… About this one… Her drawing skills still blow.
  6. Monday is almost here.
  7. The world is still turning.

And let’s not forget, of course, that pinkies heal.

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3 thoughts on “The bright side

  1. Diana

    And it could always be worse (remember the “Moraleja” email I recently sent you). As when the Chinese (or Basque, or any) mobsters actually CHOP OFF your pinky… And, seriously, when everything else fails: there’s still chocolate, and girlfriends! Maite Zaitut, amiga!

  2. Henar Chico

    And texting!! And because this is a public space, but you know what I would say: _______!!!!!

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