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Annuale, I’m ready

You know when it’s going to be one of those days. You get up feeling bloated, pissy, bitchy, and nothing feels quite right. Actually, it’s more like the world sucks. I’m not sure about other women, but I consider myself an expert, I have them that often. I call them psychico days, where everything just rubs me the wrong way: no responses to my email/chat/text/voicemail (you name it, I got nothing back), $300 later and the air-conditioning in the Saab still blows (hot air), my clothes are tight, I returned the wrong Basque CD (seriously!). Then, there is nothing better than your 5-year old asking (before lunch even!) if you have a baby in your tommy to completely screw the day for you. Like you needed that final stabbing.

At this point I open that iPhone app I got to track my cycles to see if I’m close, even though I looked on Friday and I still had two weeks to go. (Sorry people of the opposite sex). Could it be ovulation? I ask my mom and she agrees. Awesome. So now I have to endure a psychico week before the date, another while on the actual cycle, plus a few days in between? More than two weeks out of the month in a heightened state of bitchiness. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I’m kidding myself and that’s just how I am. Nah…

I don’t remember this bloating and hormone rollercoaster being such a big deal when I was younger. True, 18-20 years ago I could drink and smoke the night away and still study all Sunday long for finals the following week. So. I also didn’t sport half the zits at 19 that I do now, at 37. Could someone explain that to me, please?

These days I exercise, eat right, quit smoking 14 months ago, and I don’t remember the last glass of wine I had. There’s got to be some solution to this annoying womanly issue. And then it hits me. I remember seeing the Annuale commercial 3 or 4 years ago. I looked it up again this evening and frankly, I remember the side effects being a bit worse. After watching the ad again I’ve decided I am ready for my period to be just once a year. Sure, that one time might be a little rough, but it really won’t be that different from now and I’ll totally enjoy the remainder of the year.

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7 thoughts on “Annuale, I’m ready

  1. Diana

    Oh, yeah, that’s me. Once a month. No, not the part making out with the dog, no. But the rest, pretty much.

  2. Diana

    Great, great posting, Henar, but… “Sorry, people of the opposite sex?” Sorry? Really? I would say: People of the opposite sex: grow a pair and, at least, read about it! And no, I am NOT having my PMS or whatever. This is just me. HAHAHAHA.

  3. Raku

    Ufffffffffff……. creo que lo mejor es no hacer ningún comentario… jajaja

  4. Ainhoa

    Pues sí, yo también, a mitad de mes – pero eso de una vez al año no va conmigo- una vez al mes, cada mes y así que tiro unos días de ‘darling, you know is that time, can you clean the kitchen? I need to rest…’ 🙂

  5. Henar Chico

    Es que yo no tengo a nadie que me friegue los platos (o a quien echárselos a la cabeza), jaja.

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