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Demons on vacation

I went to the Knitting Factory with the family on Saturday to check out “Art in the Bar”. It was kind of weird to have my kids running around inside the bar, but the event was open to all ages and I think they even enjoyed some of the paintings and handy work they saw.

I stayed back for a second at one of the stands, and by the time I turned around Maitane (she is 5), was totally engaged in conversation with one of the artists, who was showing her how he’d mounted a piece of circuitry from a broken toy into his painting so it would sound. Maitane loved it! I thought it was pretty interesting and I chatted with the guy for a bit. His name was Josiah Stephens, and he had no business cards or even a website. I told him he might check into one of those, you know, to post his art so people can see.

His “Demons Series” caught my attention. Josiah saw me look at the set of four paintings featuring a bunch of demons having a blast in different settings (at an amusement park, at the beach), and he said, “you know, I figured if my demons were away on vacation they wouldn’t be here bothering me.” I told him I hoped they were employed by a European company.

I should have asked if it worked for him. I could draw demons on vacation too. Cheaper than going to counseling, and way more fun!

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2 thoughts on “Demons on vacation

  1. Diana

    Ah, if only it were so easy… whenever I go on vacation, my demons come along with me, drink all the booze and then go partying– only to come back bigger and stronger. The bastards!

  2. Henar Chico

    Hell… You’re lucky. Usually the one coming back from vacation bigger is me!

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