A Basque in Boise

Families needed in Boise to host Basque youth

Young Boise resident Kyle Harbacheck is trying to make the first exchange program between Boise and the Basque Country a reality, to bring Basque teenagers to Boise, as well as give Boise youth the opportunity to visit the Basque Country, see their relatives, and learn about their culture and Basque language.

These are the details:

  • Four host families are needed before June 24
  • The students are all boys between 15 and 17 years old
  • They will be here from June 24-July 24, 2011
  • We want families with someone home during the day so that the student isn’t left alone
  • Confirmed host families will be given $275 to help with expenses for the month
  • Field trips planned on weekends for them to experience different aspects of Boise culture

The arrival date is coming up very soon, so any help would be appreciated. If anyone has any questions, please contact Kyle Harbacheck at 208.340.9679 or kyle.harbacheck@gmail.com.

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