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Summer Basque Cultural Tour 2011

Anita Franzoia, instructor of Basque at Great Basin College in Elko, Nevada, also organizes cultural tours to the Basque Country. This year she has put together a 12 day Summer Basque Cultural Tour, where people have the opportunity to visit some of the main cities in the Basque Country, like Bilbao, San Sebastian, or Leketio. The tour includes three “free” days, where travelers can explore Euskadi on their own terms.

I learned about these tours several months ago, and I found them very interesting. This is what you can expect from the trip.

12 Days and 10 Overnights – Basque Regions:

Puente de La Salve

La Salve bridge in Bilbao

• Bilbao
• Pamplona
• Saint-Jean-Pied-de-
• Port & Luz
• San Sebastian
• Markina
• Lekeitio
• total of 3 free days

Included in the Program fee:

• Round trip airfare in and out of Bilbao ($150 to open either the front end or back end of airline ticket for up to a 3 month total stay)
• Transfers to and from the airport and hotel and between destination cities
• Overnight stays in first-class, superior tourist class or tourist class hotels
• Continental breakfast daily
• Dinner daily
• Full-time services of an EF Tour Director

If you are interested in the tour or would like more information, contact Anita Franzoia at by email or by phone at 1-775-389-9300. You can also check out the EF cultural tours website here.

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3 thoughts on “Summer Basque Cultural Tour 2011

  1. jabier

    nik agian izena emango dut, Lekeitiora joateko. Agian Teresek ere berdintasuna egingo duda 🙂

  2. Henar Chico

    Kar kar kar… Ni naiz eman beharko zuenak 🙂 Baina yanki pilo bat hortik ikusten badituzu, orain badakizu nondik agertu diren!

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