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Rant of the toilet seat cover

Cute. Now throw it away!

Cute. Now throw it away!

I need to rant. Even when it’s not necessary I love doing it. I got some things in mind, but I’ll go with the one I can publish. The thing is to vent and besides, it feels better when you can share it with the world. Additionally, it might help some women out there realize the aggravation they’re causing to other women, at work or in public places.

Some time ago I wrote about water cooler hygiene and how I just don’t get Americans’ obsession with germs. At least with the water cooler you don’t have to do anything if filling up without protection is ok with you: approach machine, place water bottle underneath faucet, done.  Now, about toilet seat covers…

For this post’s sake, I’m going to go ahead and accept people’s freakness with an sterilized world. So you are totally against your butt touching the toilet seat at your place of employment (cleaned daily by the janitorial crew, which I bet is probably way more often than in your own house). Fine. More power to you. But lady, here is a new concept for you: what about you dispose of this life-saving device when you’re done?

Oh… I get it! You don’t want to touch it because you forgot your hand sanitizer at home and how disgusting would it be for your fingers to come into contact with a piece of paper where you just sat your rear end and oops, even splashed a little bit while you were hard at work, right? Well, how do you think I feel when I go into the bathroom and either a) have to remove the toilet seat cover myself or, b) have to get out and look for a different stall where hopefully nobody forgot to clean after themselves?

Exactly. Just throw it away. Or flush it. It’s super easy and I promise you’ll survive. Even without Purell. Look, I’m so nice I took a couple of minutes out of my busy schedule to get you the instructions on how to use a toilet seat cover properly. You are welcome. (Pay close attention to number four.)

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