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Spend your way to a thinner waist?

I'll wear this when I'm thin or I'll be thin when I wear this?

I'll wear this when I'm thin or I'll be thin when I wear this?

Somehow I feel more creative and have more to write about when I am down and sick of the world, but that sucks because, obviously, it’s harder to come up with a funny post when you’re feeling like staying in bed all day with your Ben & Jerry pint of ice-cream.

So here I am, thinking really hard on what I could write about that won’t make you guys slit your wrists or take out the box of Kleenex, when this “6 Weight-Loss Tips You Don’t Already Know” email shows up in my inbox. I’m a sucker for these types of messages, as if the mere fact of receiving them would cut a couple of inches off my butt. I gotta be honest though, I’m a little disappointed with the tips. Turns out I already know most of them (sleep, don’t drink soda, involve your friends in your exercise routines, blah blah blah…). However, one tip stands out from the rest that I hadn’t heard before:

Buy new workout gear
If you’re sporting the same tees and sweats you bought years ago, you’re bound to get bored. Spruce up your workout wardrobe — tops, pants, undergarments, sneakers, etc. and add a little sartorial excitement to your exercise routine.

Really? Who came up with that, Nike? Champion? I wonder if weight-loss is proportional to the amount of money you spend on “spruced up working gear”. I was thinking on making a slightly bigger payment on my credit card this month, but if spending my money on cute sports bras and the latest model of running shoes is going to get me a reduced-size behind, you know where my dollars are going this summer!

Anybody up for giving it a try and reporting the results back to me?

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4 thoughts on “Spend your way to a thinner waist?

  1. Diana

    I’m only willing to try if they come with some sort of “or your money back” guarantee… But then, do I really want to have my money back if I fail? I would then spend it in Ben & Jerry’s anyway!!

  2. Baska

    Well, this spend-more-money-to-get-thinner tip makes a lot of sense to me. After all, if you spend hundreds of dollars you don’t have on workout gear (or whatever else), you’ll have to cut down spending somewhere else (like food, restaurants, booze, or even Ben & Jerry’s)…

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