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Imagination vs. Reality – Definitely reality

A couple of days back I wrote about the young lovers kissing on the floor in the middle of the Vancouver riots. The photo just seemed like something taken out of the end of an American chick-flick. It really was just a matter of perspective.

And if there was any doubt at all that reality was in fact less romantic than the photo initially made us think, this video will definitely dissipate any lingering thread of idealism you might have been clinging to.

I insist. That’s life for you. People naturally fall for the fairy-tale, the “omg this is so cute”-ness of the story… I hate to sound so negative, but you’re better off putting your reality glasses on and saving yourself the disappointment that comes with being a dreamer.

If you can, that is. I don’t know where the hell I left my mine.

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2 thoughts on “Imagination vs. Reality – Definitely reality

  1. Diana

    Oh, crap. I should have stayed with the photo. Why did I watch the video? I will forever regret it…

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