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My new iPhone app

Zenith iPhone app

Zenith iPhone app

Well, I don’t have it yet, but I will soon. It’s not one I was particularly looking for, but since coming face to face with a “Peeping Tom” late last night (and if you remember, my house already got burglarized last November), I decided to get an alarm system installed in my house. And how cool, it comes with its own application for the iPhone.

You’d think that laying low and staying in would make for a totally uneventful Saturday night, right? Wrong. Here I was – like pretty much every day at this time – in front of my computer on the kitchen table, typing this one email away, when I look towards the window and I think I see some movement. It’s dark outside (I mean, it’s 11 pm!), and you know how the inside of your house reflects on the windows at night, making it harder to see clearly what’s happening outside. I keep on typing for one second and then I look again towards the window because I’m pretty sure I did see something. And this time I notice this dude crouched down low like he was practicing to star along Jackie Chan in the next Rush Hour movie, and when he notices me noticing him he bends down even further, like that will render him invisible or something.

Now I’m pissed that some dude in a gray hooded sweater is spying on me, so I bolt out of my chair and sprint to the front door, but the guy is young and must have a gym membership too, because he starts running like there is no tomorrow while I stand there, dressed in my pajamas and in the middle of the road, shouting at him every insult in my book. This is one of those times I wish I didn’t know so many, because by the time I finished and got into my car to find him, he was probably taking the Idaho Center exit in Nampa.

I’m not sure what the hell he was trying to accomplish. My mom firmly believes he was just looking at me and not the stuff in my house, and honestly, if something bad was going to happen, I’d almost prefer not go through the painful process of replacing my stuff once again. However, as the best thing is to simply avoid any and all unpleasant incidents, I have already set up the appointment to secure my house starting tomorrow.

Take that, stupid peeping hooded moron.

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4 thoughts on “My new iPhone app

  1. Rosa

    That is crazy scary! OMG!! Maybe a peeping tom maybe not, good thing you got an alarm system. I would never go outside though..to scary..I would have been super scared. Sorry that happened to you. Be careful and close you blinds at night. Get a big dog.

  2. Henar Chico

    If I’d had my running shoes on he’d have not stood a chance! Oh well, I’m sure he’s still traumatized by all the “pretty” names I called him, hahaha. I can’t get a dog, he’d never get walked!

  3. mom with 2 wonderful and busy kids

    that is really not funny. if he gets hocked on you, he will get to you. you have to be careful. rosa is right-close your blinds. I called “our” peeping toms names and he still came back until my brave husband and neighbor caught him. Just be careful!!

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