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In the clouds

I love having my friends over for coffee. Or dinner. Or whatever. The thing is that they come over. Some I see every week, others not so much, but when they are real friends time is irrelevant; you’re going to pick up the conversation right where you left off.

Laura's T-Rex

Laura's T-Rex

I always enjoy talking to Laura. Like my other Argentinian friend and my sister, Laura does not beat around the bushes and tells you exactly what she thinks, whether you like it or not.

After coffee with my parents and before she went back home, Laura and I sat down on my doorstep and she lent me a sympathetic ear. I had a rough day. All of a sudden she is like “Henar! Look at the clouds! They look like a T-Rex!” So I take out the iPhone and snap a picture.

I guess if that’s what you want it to be, with some imagination and a bit of self-deception, the T-Rex even looks real. It could also be a Flying Dragon, though.

It doesn’t matter. I looked up a couple of minutes later and the dinosaur/dragon was gone.

Thanks for passing by: ↓

2 thoughts on “In the clouds

  1. Laura

    Sometimes there is nothing better than experiencing the moment for just what it is… and it’s even better when shared with a long-time friend. Besos. Musus.

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