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Facebook defrienders: You are busted!



Some time ago I wrote about how much it sucks when you look at your list of Facebook friends and realize that you are missing somebody. It hurts, doesn’t it? Especially when you can’t figure out who would have the audacity to do such a thing. I mean, don’t they know how awesome you are? Sometimes – like in my story – you know who that person is, but most times you are left in the dark and wondering who the hell you are missing.

If you have a manageable number of friends (oops, sorry Victoria, I mean Facebook friends), it’s easier to figure out who took you off, but if you are Ysabel Bilbao (3,847 friends at this very second), you are most definitely SOL.

Or… are you?

Well my friends, it turns out there is hope! Lucky for Ysabel (if she had an iPhone, that is), now we have the fbDefriended app for the iPhone, available from the App Store. It’s only $1.99 to download (free if you are bad, bad, bad, decided to jailbreak your phone and are using Installous), and it works like a charm.

So Facebook defrienders, beware! You are not as anonymous anymore as you think you are.

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Ysabel Bilbao

6 thoughts on “Facebook defrienders: You are busted!

  1. Diana

    Hey, I paid the $1.99, and it freaking works… Yep, two new friends, and two idiots who defriended me. So the Universe keeps its balance…

  2. Diana

    Actually, the people who de-friended me have eliminated their profiles. Either that, or they blocked me. I’m assuming one of them eliminated it, since it has now a public page (that I like already), because it’s some sort of an institution, not an actual person… so it makes sense. But the other… really… no big loss at all.

  3. Henar Chico

    Sorry about your loss… Or not, right? Che, que tengas buen viaje enana, ya tengo ganas de tomarnos un cafecito tranquilas donde mi amigo Tom.@Diana

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