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Today, Gurea Workshop in Mountain Home!

The Euskal Lagunak Basque club from Mountain Home did not let the summer heat slow them down. After a successful year of various events to promote Basque culture, such as the Mus workshops and the Korrika, they are now getting ready to host the second edition of the Gurea workshops this month and preparing for the 2011 Annual Basque picnic, which is coming up in August.

I got really excited when I read about the Workshops in the monthly newsletter and signed the kids up right away. Today I am finally playing hooky from work and taking them to Mountain Home so they can attend Wednesday’s session. I’ll report back soon!

Mountain Home, Idaho

Mountain Home, Idaho

Gurea Workshops

Gurea (“Its Ours”) workshops are aimed at developing and implementing a method to sustain “Basqueness” in the individual clubs.

Some Basque clubs in the US are doing very well celebrating and educating about Basque culture in their towns. Most of them, however, are up against it with various challenges in keeping Basque things going. That is why NABO in conjunction with the Autonomous Basque Government of Euskadi, decided to organize a series of visiting workshops that would come to the individual towns for a few days. The club hosts 2 or 3 young adult instructors from the Basque country, who present workshops on various aspects of Basque culture in an effort to get families together in the community to learn a few more things about Basque culture.

More information can be found on the N.A.B.O. website.

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3 thoughts on “Today, Gurea Workshop in Mountain Home!

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  2. Brad Nystrom


    I wonder if you can help me with a translation. A friend of mine has a metal
    image of the Archangel Michael in his backyard. There is an inscription in
    Basque: MIKEL GUREA ZAIZU EUSKALERRIA. I’ve spent an hour or so on the
    web trying to figure this out myself. The best I can do is something like: Michael,
    the land of the Basques is yours. But I’m not very confident about this. Can
    you tell me what the inscription means?


    Brad Nystrom

  3. Henar Chico

    Hello Brad, thanks for your message. “MIKEL GUREA ZAIZU EUSKALERRIA” means “Mikel, the Basque Country is yours”.

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