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Gurea Workshop was fun!

Gurea Workshop in Mtn. Home

Gurea Workshop in Mtn. Home

Yesterday, I took the kids to Mountain Home to attend the third session of the Gurea Workshops. I stayed in the class for a bit, but I had to leave so Maitane would stop being amatxu’s girl and enjoy herself. But what I saw – both inside the classroom and outside in the park during the breaks – I liked a lot. The instructors were two young girls from the Basque Country, Natalia Ruiz, from Gazteiz and Nora Unzueta, from Elgoibar. They were both very nice and came totally prepared. Some of the kids in the workshop had attended on Monday and Tuesday too and had some homework due, like how to introduce themselves in Basque and naming farm animals. My kids were a bit shy at the beginning, but when they realized they had all those words down, they felt way more confortable and bold, and they told me they had great time. Perfect!

I had a chance to talk to Goisalde Jausoro, who teaches Basque language to children after school, and who is also responsible for coordinating the Gurea workshops. It was nice chatting with her while the kids were busy learning. I am always amazed at how much people like Goisalde do to keep the Basque culture alive, considering there is not much free time left after taking care of husbands (wives), children, friends and a day job. Right?

Today, Natalia and Nora are in Elko, Nevada teaching at the Northestern Nevada Museum, Basque Club House and Highlands Manor. You can get more information here.

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