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A man of caliber

Hunting season

Hunting season

Since you got married you’d been wondering how you would honor your husband if fate decided to take him first. More so as the years passed and he taught you the valuable lesson of fending for yourself on weekends and during the hunting season. How else would you have learned to be that independent while staying married? And all that one-on-one time with your little kids? Priceless.

You are in luck! (Except for your husband dying, of course.) Alabama based Holy Smoke LLC will help you create a tribute like no other to your beloved outdoorsman. Now you can honor your husband by giving or sharing with him one more round of clay targets, one last bird hunt, or one last stalk hunt, because you didn’t have enough while he was alive. All you have to do is cremate Bob and have his ashes made into ammunition. Holy Smoke will even help you chose the caliber and gauge to reflect Bob’s hunting style.

Then, gather round the table and enjoy that last turkey killed by dear Bob. Literally.

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