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South American Trips with Anita Franzoia

Anita Franzoia

Anita Franzoia

Anita Franzoia, an instructor of Basque at Great Basin College in Elko who also organizes Basque Cultural Tours, is looking to start signing people up for three different South American trips.

Anita would like to use Go Ahead Tours – the upgraded, adult division of EF Tours – which offers better food and three or four star, centrally located hotels. These are not custom tours, so her group will not be the only one travelling. Anita would like to take anywhere from 14 to 28 people on each of these tours in her group, and they would join other people that are signed up for the same tour for a total of about 45. Her daughter Teresa went to Turkey and there were around 30 in the group.  Anita will be providing updates for how the tours are filling up, so don’t wait if you really want to go. Take out the insurance for sure to enhance your options.

She would like to repeat the Machu Picchu tour in June 2013, but only sign up if you want to go in 2012. June of 2012 is almost full for Machu Picchu so she will need to get on that starting in Jan 2012, when the quotes will be available.

Prices are subject to change and Anita already knows that a $50 increase will go into effect around the 25th of this month. When 6 people sign up by the 26th the price will be locked for everyone that signs up by the end of September.

Take a look at what additional optional excursions are available. Prices are available from other cities too, just call and find out.

Ancient Peru & Machu Picchu
Flying 9 days after Easter, out of Reno April 19th, 2012 $3,271@ two people/two beds without insurance. Anita recommends insurance, just ask for it when you sign up!
Visit her tour website here: http://anitafranzoiaperu.grouptoursite.com. You can even sign up online!

Brazil & Argentina
Flying out of Reno November 2nd, 2012 $3,615@ two people/two beds without insurance. Anita recommends insurance, just ask for it when you sign up!
Visit her tour website here: http://anitafranzoiabrazil.grouptoursite.com. You can even sign up online!

Anita would like to extend this last trip and do a personal trip with anyone that would like to visit Bariloche and Mendoza, Argentina. You can get in touch with her if you are interested in this opportunity.

If you have any questions please call GoAhead and make sure you sign up under Anita as the leader of the group – “Anita” Franzoia. Mention her name or tour number, 60342921. You can reach the Go Ahead Tours Groups Reservation Department at (800) 438-7672.

If you want to contact her first, you can call  775-389-9300 or email her at elkoanacabe@hotmail.com.  Anita is also on Facebook, Skype and Fringe as elkoanacabe.

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