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I love Craigslist’s Missed Connections…

You can even find poetry there!

Note: My friend Diana wanted to share (well, I don’t know if she wanted to, but I’m sharing it anyway) the response she’d give to this guy:

If you want life to be fair
Stop your whining and grow a pair.

The one I cannot touch – m4w – 23 (Nampa, ID)

I guess I have a huge regret
Your company is all I get

Alas we could have so much more
But I couldnt treat you like a whore

My love I am sure is unrequited
I feel as though I have been slighted

True love may never bloom
Not with your husband in the room

And alas, my poor wife
Has complete control of my life

My feelings swell inside my chest
I wish you peace and all the best.

We like to laugh and play games
Though I will not mention any names…

My heart it weeps at what cant be
I know that you may never love me…

-Hey Pay Attn

Original posting: http://boise.craigslist.org/mis/2525595552.html

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