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New Mexico Euskal Etxea upcoming events

NMEElogoaThe New Mexico Euskal Etxea just published their August 2011 newsletter. Check out some of the events to look forward to!

Euskara Lesson Thursday, Aug 25, from 7-9 in Santa Fe
On August 25, from 7-9, Karen Squires and Blas Uberuaga will teach an introductory class on Euskara, the Basque language. The aim is to give people a feel for the language and some basic vocabulary. The class will be free and held at the Santa Fe Whole Foods Community Room on Cerrillos. If the interest holds, we will hold additional classes that delve a bit more into Euskara, at least as far as the knowledge of the instructors allows. To assist us in our planning, please RSVP to nmee@buber.net or 505.670.9642 if you are interested in participating.

Cooking Class Sunday, Aug 28 at 5 in Santa Fe
Chef Diane Perkins will be teaching the next cooking class: two classic sauces, an eggless ali oli and a picada to accompany grilled vegetables, fish, and meat. And for dessert, a French Gateau Basque. $75 for non-members $50 for members ($25 savings!) Reservation & advance payment required. To sign up contact us at: nmeecookingclass@gmail.com or (505) 490-6461

Isaba Immigrant Celebration Sept 30 – Oct 3
Last year, a group of descendants of emigrants from Isaba, Navarre, Spain met in Isaba with distant cousins they never knew they had. They met with the descendants of those brothers and sisters of their ancestors who stayed in Isaba. They saw the houses their ancestors came from, walked the same streets, and enjoyed the same way of life, though briefly, their ancestors enjoyed before trekking to the United States. This time, it is New Mexico’s turn to host those whose ancestors stayed behind. From September 30 to October 3, a group of Basques from Isaba will visit New Mexico and learn about this distant land their cousins left for in search of a new life.

30 Sept. (Friday) – Conferences & institutional Reception (NHCC) – Brotherhood food
1 Oct. (Saturday) – Coffee at Victor Perez Ranch, Tour Vaughn, and “Cowboy Day” at Ramon Perez Jr. Ranch (see enclosure)
2 Oct. (Sunday) – Balloon Fiesta, Rancho de Las Golondrinas, & Santa Fe

RSVP: Because food will be available for purchase at most of these events your prompt response is appreciated. RSVP for some or all of the events at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/72M8SP3

Contact Deanna Pérez with event questions: deecole@plateautel.net / home: 575-355-7527 / cell: 575-760-3864
For technical support with the link, you may contact Nicole Lujan: nperez@nmsu.edu / cell: 575-640-7670

For the complete list of events and other interesting articles, click here.

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