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SFBCC Men’s Pala Cuero Training/Invitational in October

The San Francisco Basque Cultural Center will be hosting a Men’s Pala Cuero Training/Invitational on from Friday, October 28th until Sunday, October 30th, 2011. The goal of this tournament is to provide training for future and current pilotaris to be able to compete in international tournaments and represent their clubs, NABO, and the U.S.A.

The first day will be training only and the focus will be on the fundamentals of the game. There will be videos of real games, strategy discussions, placement on the court, and other necessary aspects of pala cuero. The second day will depend on how people are progressing with the game. Sunday real games will be played with mixed teams. This training/invitational is meant for people to get their feet wet and see if they enjoy the game and hopefully start playing it more often.The Basque Cultural Center is conducting this training/invitational for anyone above 16 years old. No experience is necessary to participate, but it is recommended that they have a background in tennis, pala, handball, or other sports where hand eye coordination is important. Equipment will be provided by the Basque Cultural Center. The only equipment the players need to bring is sports shoes (preferably court shoes) and sport clothes.

This tournament is happening during Halloween weekend so there will be fun outings as well. Depending on the number of people interested, housing players could be an option or hotels can be rented at reasonable rates around the Basque Center.

If you are interested in participating or would like further information, please contact Gratien Etchebehere, Chairman of the SFBCC Pilota Committee, at (650) 796-2328.

The sign up deadline is October 17, 2011.

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