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A case of the Mondays

Lunch time at H-P and I’m typing on the computer instead of kicking my butt on the StairMaster.

This morning I turned my closet upside down looking for these black leggins I like to wear with the dress I’d picked out for today. I searched for five minutes, couldn’t find them, so I gave up and put the grey ones instead. They don’t look as good with my outfit, but I didn’t want to be late for work. I tossed my workout clothes in the gym bag, got my lunch ready and put the kids in the car.

I had just left my house when I saw a truck with a “WORKINIT” license plate on it and I couldn’t help but think about this one guy who moved away not so long ago, and luckily so. He wasn’t the first thought I wanted to have this morning. Then I tell my friend I didn’t go to Jaialdi 2005 as I moved to the US in 1996. And right before lunch, as I’m choosing the date for my case notes I realize today is that “WORKINIT” guy’s first wedding anniversary.

I immediately forget about it and happily head to the changing room before going to the gym. I take off my shoes, my grey leggings and my dress. I reach into my gym bag and pull out the missing black leggings from this morning. Sigh.

No workout today, but at least the outfit is complete now.


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