A Basque in Boise

Just one more week for GOSE’s concert in Boise!

The big day is almost here!

GOSE, one of the most popular bands from the Basque Country, will be arriving to Boise in less than a week, after their performances in San Francisco. GOSE will perform at the Basque Center on November 12, a free concert open to the public and sponsored by Euzkaldunak and the Basque Government.

GOSE rocked the house in their US debut at the Basque Cultural Center. They will make a special appearance later today at 5:00pm in San Francisco’s Richmond District at The Plough and the Stars (Clement/2nd Ave). Then again on Thursday, at 11:00pm in the Mission District at Sub-Mission.

I leave you guys with a little preview of what’s coming to us next week. Enjoy!

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