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NABO’s Basque language website, check it out!

Since NABO launched the Basque program a few years ago, Izaskun Kortazar, NABO’s Basque language coordinator, had been wishing for a website to complement this program. Finally, several months ago she approached me with the idea and whether I’d be willing to help her by acting as the webmaster. I love that stuff, so of course, I said yes. It’s been a great experience building a website out of nothing, a place to gather all things related to learning Basque and to spread the word on new events, activities, and knowledge: naboeuskaraz.com.

It’s very rewarding as well seeing our work recognized and shared by others. Euskalkultura.com has a very nice article out this morning, where they give all kinds of information about the website, its contents, and how it came to be. The same article was picked up by my friends at About Basque Country Blog, for those of you who would like to read about it in Spanish.

I leave you with a new video from the “Join the Conversation” series made by Javi Zubizarreta, Zuretzako‘s director, featuring his mom, dad, and NABO’s website!


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