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Urte Berri On from Basques all around the world

Christmas is that special time of the year where families gather to celebrate the end of one year and wish the new one will be even better. However, there are many of us Basques scattered all over the world who, for one reason or another, are unable to join our families during this time.

Lur, from Gure Irratia, a radio station from Uztaritze, Lapurdi, reached out to some of those Basques living abroad to find out how we spend Christmas away from the Basque Country and our families.

From Germany (Jonan Lekue), to the United States (Izaskun Kortazar, Henar Chico), The Hague (Amaia Zaballa), Canada (Adelaide Darraspe), China (Garazi Uriarte), Argentina (Sabrina Otegui), and Mexico (Mariatxen Aranzabal, Eugenio Otsoa and Jon de Luisa), you can listen to our stories (in Basque) and even download the mp3 file here, on Euskal Irratiak’s website.

Zorionak eta Urte Berri On!



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