A Basque in Boise

Joko Garbi players from Uztaritze liven up Boise’s fronton

From left to right: Edu Sarria, Eneko Sarratia, David Navailles, Mattin Castanchoa, Bruno Irachabal, Lino Zabala, Allande Etchecopar

Joko Garbi players from Uztaritz (Iparralde) on their way to California made a  vacation stop in Boise and offered to play their sport for the members of our community. The pelotaris are headed to San Francisco to play a series of exhibition games during the 30th Anniversary of the Basque Cultural Center (February 17-19). This is not the first time the players receive an invitation to participate in the BBC Anniversary festivities. Just last year, for example, they played several games throughout the weekend.

Joko Garbi or “clean game” is played with a basket. The basket-glove is shorter and less deep than the one used in Jai-Alai, and the players are only allowed to keep the ball in the basket momentarily. The game is extremely fast and exciting to watch.

On Sunday afternoon, Mattin Castanchoa, Bruno Irachabal, David Navailles and Eneko Sarratia played an excellent game of Joko Garbi at Anduiza’s fronton in downtown Boise. The players landed in our town late on Saturday night, 30 long hours after leaving the Basque Country. Understandably they were tired and a little bit jet-lagged, but you’d have never guessed the way they fought for every point.

In the end, Mattin Castanchoa and Bruno Irachabal beat David Navailles and Eneko Sarratia 40 to 33.

For additional pictures and videos, click here.

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