A Basque in Boise

Working to restore the old “Beti-Jai” pelota court in Madrid

Just last week I wrote about how special Boise’s Fronton is for the Basque community here, a unique building with interesting history and full of charm, and how great it feels to be part of its history by participating in the pala leagues that the Boise Fronton Association organizes every year.

So when I read this morning about the potential expropriation of the Beti-Jai Fronton in Madrid, I felt for the people who want to save it and wanted to help a little by spreading the word. There is a public petition online to save the fronton that you can sign here.

For more information about the initiative, check out the Fronton Beti-Jai blog. It’s in Spanish, but Google Translate works wonders!

For those of you Spanish speakers, here you have links to newscasts on Telemadrid and EITB.

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