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Aberri Eguna 2012: Basque-American celebrations (cont’d)

Earlier this month, Basques all over the world celebrated Aberri Eguna (“Fatherland Day”) a holiday coinciding with Easter Sunday which has its roots in the Basque nationalist movement. Several North American Basque Centers organized picnics and other activities to mark this special day with the people in their communities.

Around 62 people attended Rhode Island Basque Club‘s celebration, which started with a Mus tournament at noon and lasted until late evening. Club’s president Roberto Guerenabarrena and Iñigo Loyola were the winners this year. The youngest participants were Jonan Garate and Felisa Garate, and Katherine Garate represented the women in this tournament. You can see all the pictures here.

Rhode Island Basque Club is now getting ready for their next event, Txitxiburdintzi, on May 19th. Riki Lasa (former Jai-Alai player) and Patxi Gandiaga will be roasting a big pig for the occasion. Apart from the food and drink, there will be contests involving Basque sports: Aizkolariak (wood chopping), harri jazotsaileak (weight lifting), txingaeruten (heavy weight carrying), a game of pelota mano and sokatira (tug-o-war).

Lagun Onak Las Vegas Basque Club gathered at at Spring Mt Ranch to celebrate the Aberri Eguna with a nice picnic. You can check it out here. (I know I’m bias, but I couldn’t help a smile when I saw the Athletic jacket on my friend Argia Beristain’s dad). Which brings me to Washington D.C., where Argia lives.

The Washington D.C. Euskal Etxea celebrated Aberri Eguna with a picnic in the park, followed by their first annual sokatira challenge. Take a look.

For photos of the Zazpiak Bat Euskal Etxea in Vancouver, click here.

The New York Basque Club also had plans for Aberri Eguna. Make sure you check out their website for upcoming pics.

Yarza, Beristain, and Goicochea. Aberri Eguna, Las Vegas, 2012

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