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Former Basque PM Ibarretxe visits San Francisco, New York and Boise to open research center

Juan José Ibarretxe, former Basque President of the Basque Autonomous Community, is visiting the United States this week for the opening of the Lehendakari Agirre Center, a collaborative project among various University and Policy Research Centers including Columbia University and George Mason University, that will seek the creation of a think tank focused on the international projection of the Basque People and its extraordinary efforts towards sustainable human development.

Ibarretxe will be at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center to give a presentation on the newly formed Lehendakari Agirre Center on Tuesday 19th. After San Francisco, the former Basque Premier will travel to New York to make a similar presentation Sunday at the Eusko Etxea New York Basque Club.

There will be no public presentations made by Ibarretxe in Boise. However, the Euzkaldunak Board is meeting with the former President at the Basque Center tomorrow evening, and the Cenarrusa Foundation has organized a private dinner for him. The Boise Committee on Foreign Relations Board of Directors will also meet with him on Friday at Leku-Ona, in Boise’s Basque Block.


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