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Are you a young foreign Basque speaker who dreams of being a TV star? ETB needs you!!

Rocío Basterra, host of ETB’s TV program, “Yes we Jai”

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Pausoka, a communications company with offices in Bilbao, San Sebastian and Madrid, was looking for young Basque-speakers born outside of the Basque Country to host a program on Basque festivals which will air on ETB this summer.

Pausoka has already recruited Rocío Basterra, from Bahía Blanca, Argentina, and Basque speaker Sonia Kolazcek from Poland, to host the half-hour daily program (at 21:45). The team will spend the whole summer enjoying the festivals in all the cities and towns around the Basque Country and providing commentary.

The company is now seeking a Basque young person from the Diaspora, with an acceptable knowledge of Euskera, who will join these two in their TV appearances.  The only requirement is a certain naturalness and self-confidence in front of the cameras. If possible the person needs to travel to the Basque Country this week. Travel, room and board in Donostia will be provided in exchange for availability four days a week, traveling with the correspondence team to visit the various towns in the Basque Country during their festivals.

I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Sonia, but I know for a fact that whoever joins this team of young people will have a blast with Rocío. She has been on Basque TV before, and she has participated in many international pala competitions. Apart from that, Rocío, along with Leonat Egiazabal, was one of the Basque language teachers in the winter barnetegi that took place in Las Flores, Argentina, back in 2009.

If you’d like to sign up for the casting, just send an email with your information to festa2012@pausoka.com.

For more details, please check the entire story on Euskalkultura.com.

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