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“Nafarroa Oinez” (“Navarre walking”): Working to promote Basque language in Navarre

“Nafarroa Oinez” (“Navarre walking”), is the annual celebration organized since 1981 by Basque language teaching schools from Navarre (“ikastolak”) in order to promote Basque language and to raise funds for the creation or maintenance of these schools (primary and secondary education). Over time, it has become a massive event in favor of Euskara (Basque language).

Euskara and the promotion of its teaching, is the main objective of the event. Next October 21st, San Fermin Ikastola will be holding the organization of the Nafarroa Oinez. In its almost 45 years of history, near 4000 students have been graduated from our school. Being “Nafarroa Oinez” the big event, in 2009 “Txikiak Handi” project was created with the aim to proclaim minority languages greatness in the world and to take advantage of the opportunity to build bridges between them.

Through this letter “Nafarroa Oinez” would like to ask your support to transform “Nafarroa Oinez” (“Navarre Walking”) into “Mundua Oinez” (“World Walking”) through three actions:

1. Manifesto: Please, sign our manifesto directly in our website.

2. Video: Could we ask you to record the manifesto in a video and send it to us? Our idea is to make a mosaic video with all the contributions. You can also add pictures if you wish.

3. The Basque language (or your language) in the world: A few lines to describe the importance and significance of the language diversity. Or, more concrete, what means the Basque language for you?

Your contributions will be updated the Txikiak Handi 2012 website, and you can send them to: txikiak.handi.oinez@gmail.com.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support, ESKERRIK ASKO!

Thanks for passing by: ↓

Kay Boling Jabier

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