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iPhone 5

It turns out that Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5 yesterday, and I had no clue.

Who’d have said, a few years ago, that I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about the release of something Apple? I’m living proof that people can change. I don’t own the latest 4G model of the iPhone (I’m ok, I’m ok). I can assure you that life without Siri is worth living too. I went to dinner with a friend on Tuesday and I didn’t even take the phone out of my purse once. Not only that, but most days when I’m done with work, I mute the damned thing, turn off vibration, and focus my attention on my kids or my friends, depending on the week.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no way in hell I’m going back to a flip-phone or something with no touchscreen, but really, how much more connected to others can we be anymore, except by putting the phone away and actually looking at the person while we talk to them?

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