A Basque in Boise

Basque Festivals in the US: A trip down memory lane

Once again, we take our hats off to About Basque Country blog. Last week they brought together all the information related to the archeological dig going on in Boise’s Basque Block, and today they present us with a five-minute video from 1977 about Basque Festivals in the US.

For people like me, who learned about the Basque diaspora and its festivals only 16 years ago, it’s awesome to see that they were already in full force when I was still in diapers, and that Basque-Americans, through dedication and hard work, have managed to maintain our traditions, so many years later.

I hope you enjoy the video. You might see familiar faces throughout, maybe even your own!

You can also follow About Basque Country blog on their new website, BasqueVison or on Twitter.

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