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Imagine how relentless the media coverage has been that even A Basque in Boise felt compelled to weigh in on an issue she could care less about: the imminent replacement of replacement referees. Just the fact that I know about the strike is amazing, given that I don’t have cable or go to the local pub to watch the games. Luckily, I subscribe to greatly informative blogs, which I know will keep me posted on all the important issues of the NFL. So the Packers getting screwed on Monday night and losing (I hear rather unfairly) to, hold on, let me check, the Seahawks, prompted the NFL to reach an agreement with the refs to end up the lock out and say so long to replacement referees.

Sorry Packers it had to be you, but thanks for taking one for the team. I can almost see that replacement referee smiling from a beach in the Bahamas, piña colada in hand, after getting a knowing wink and a fat wad of cash from the referees’ union.

For the record, this is just my opinion, I got no basis whatsoever to support it. I’m just saying.

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