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Baga, Biga, Higa: A Journey Through the History of Basque Music in Rhode Island

Despite being one of the newest members among NABO’s Basque Clubs, the Rhode Island Basque Club has been very active before and after its official inception. They just got done with a cooking workshop over the weekend, and next week they welcome well-known Basque singers Mikel Markez and Eñaut Elorrieta (Ken Zazpi) for a multimedia concert in Basque, Spanish and English.


BAGA, BIGA, HIGA: A Journey Through the History of Basque Music
When: October 12th at 6:30 pm
Where: Portsmouth Abbey School Auditorium (285 Corys Ln., Portsmouth, RI, 02871)

The Rhode Island Basque Club started as an Athletic de Bilbao soccer club around 1990 or 1991 and included some Real Sociedad and Osasuna fans. They would hold frequently hold men only dinners as well as gatherings and paella picnics with friends and family. When Newport Jai-Alai was active there was no need for a club since all Basques in the area were jai-alai players who met on all occasions.

When Jai-Alai closed in 2003 most players left Rhode Island and the ones with families and/or retired and working stayed here. Those who stayed started meeting once a month to keep in touch and that is how the Club started. Currently they meet once a month and hold big events like the Aberri Eguna, Txitxiburdintzi, the Annual picnic in August, and the Christmas Party.

They also have Basque language classes taught by Ander Caballero, from Bilbao.

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