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Pedro Oiarzabal featured on BBC’s The Digital Human

Pedro Oiarzabal, researcher on Migration Studies at the Institute of Human Rights at the University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain), and the man behind Basque Identity 2.0 is back on the spotlight. Last month, Facebook Stories (a new Facebook website that compiles different and unique stories from people using Facebook in extraordinary ways) featured Pedro Oiarzabal’s article on the Basques and their Diaspora.

Today, his appearance in the BBC Radio 4 program “The Digital Human” on the Basque diaspora and the digital world. BBC’s Aleks Krotoski charts how digital culture is moulding modern living. Each week, this technology journalist  goes beyond the latest gadget or web innovation to understand what sort of world we’re creating with our ‘always on’ lives.

Listen to Pedro Oiarzabal on BBC’s The Digital Human

The program is also available for download as a podcast called “Diaspora”.

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