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Although my house is still on the market, I don’t stress out about it anymore. If it’s going to sell, it will sell. In the meantime, I like the darker outside trim, brand new gutters, and the closet doors that open and close easily now. On the other hand, I do not enjoy the daily mini cleanings to leave the place spotless(ish) before I go to work. It’s challenging enough when I’m alone in the mornings, imagine when I have the kids. I’ve been shoving stuff indiscriminately inside the pantry, the kitchen drawers, and the garage barely fits the car these days. I don’t know where I place important things like the rent check or parking tickets, let alone remembering where I hid the children’s toys.

“Amatxu!! I can’t find my zubols, have you seen them?”

“The what?”

“Yes, those round thingies I had in the bag with the squinkis.”

“Nope, they don’t ring a bell.”

I can see her lips shaping into their signature pouting position. I try to tell her politely that I have no idea what those are, much less where they could possibly be, and why doesn’t she play with her dolls. Needless to say, she’s not happy, but in an unprecedented turn of events she decides to spare my life and head towards her room.

Fine, I will play with my looloolupdsies, but this evening I want you to find all my toys, including the orbis.”

I breathe again, she could have added “or else”.

Jeez… what happened to playing with their Zu Zu Pets, Bayblades, and Bakugans?

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