A Basque in Boise

Are you a Washington State resident who commutes to work? The Basque Country might be closer than you think!

Washington’s annual statewide commuter incentive campaign, Wheel Options, is offering, among other incentives to share a ride, a grand prize trip to the lush, linguistically unique, and (to put it mildly) independently-minded Basque region of Spain. All participants who log at least 6 non-driving trips in October will qualify for all prizes and will automatically receive a coupon for a free companion fare on Amtrak Cascades.

As its name suggests, RideshareOnline (RSO) has traditionally focused on matching commuters whose needs aren’t met by fixed-route transit, including carpoolers, vanpoolers, etc.  Those who are already dedicated transit commuters may have had little use for RSO in the past.  But it has been expanding its reach and is now the primary tool through which incentive campaigns are implemented in our region.  Given the easy qualifying threshold for Wheel Options and the growing number of other incentive campaigns (such as Metro’s Rideshare Rewards), it is well worth your time to familiarize yourself with both Wheel Options and RideshareOnline.

If you already have an RSO account, you will use the same login and password for Wheel Options.  Registering as a new user through Wheel Options will also cross-register you in RSO, and for future campaigns you will be able to use the same login credentials.

You can visit them online or like their Facebook page for more details or information on additional prizes.

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